Fruit Forte

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Tasting Experience:

As a Pour over, the Blend hits the sweet spot of your palate. Dark berries married together with dried fruits opens up and ends off with delicate nutty raisins.As an Espresso, versatile. Perfect for piccolos and as a enjoyable deep fruity espresso. Dehydrated berries? Orange Chocolate? Nuts? A spirit-lifter and overwhelming balance of fruits and chocolate makes this blend a great keep-it-up coffee for friends, family and colleagues!

Tasting Notes:  Forest-Berries, Milk Chocolate, Orange Peel

Quantity: 250g

Region: Mixed Blend

Elevation: 800m - 2,200m

Processing: Mixed: Natural/Dry & Fully Washed

Roast Profile: Medium Roast

Acidity: Sweet

Body: Smooth