Colombia El Satio

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Tasting Experience:

As a Pour over, a fruity cinnamon bun spilled over with cocoa butter comes to mind. A great deal of caramel can be tasted along a prominent citrusy vibe.  As an Espresso, my my. Just like a fully Organic Nut Butter. Bring on the nut fest! Strong hazelnut notes paired along with a chocolatey smothered candied fruit aroma? What can make your body rock more? This is perfect for the nutty and citrusy coffee drinkers out there.

Tasting Notes:  Fruity, Nutty, Citrusy, Caramel, Candy & Cocoa.

Quantity: 250g

Region: Colombia De Salto Bordones, Tolima / El Libano

Elevation: 1,800m - 2,100m

Processing: Sun Natural & Washed

Roast Profile: Medium Roast

Acidity: Medium

Body: Creamy subtle

Farm Information:

El Libano is located at the north of the State of Tolima. Coffee is the main economic activity of the municipality, and the small farmers depends on this activity, the average Hectare of this zone per farm is less than 5 Ha. Louis Dreyfus Company Colombia has a buying station in El Libano where the company is able to buy directly to those farmers high quality coffees that are harvested under better agricultural practices promoted through the Technical assistence provided by the group of agronomists with idea to get better qualities that help to improve farmer incomes with extra premiums received due to higher yields of their product. Thanks to geographical condition of this area which is characterized by warm winds during the day from the Magdalena River valley and overnight cold winds coming from the mountains national park, the coffee obtained from this area has a caramel and herbal notes in the nose with citrus; the it has a long and nice aftertaste, creamy subtle body, medium-high acidity with lime and mint notes. This is a well balanced cup with a clean and brightness acidity.