Brazil Santos

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Tasting Experience:

As a Pour over, buttery notes can be scented immediately. Just like a nut flavoured essential oil, this brazil as a pour will bring about a delicate smooth joe perfumed with light hints of hazelnut. As an Espresso, the brazillian is brought to its fullest potential. Chocolatey. Buttery. Nutty. Yes this is the ideal way to brew the brazillian. Reminisce of a bouquet of nutella and lindt chocolate. A deep sense of endorphins will run through your blood as the deep complex chocolatey notes will bring about memories of drinking hot chocolate on a Sunday Morning.

Tasting Notes:  

Chocolatey, Buttery, Dark cocoa, Hazelnuts & Lindt chocolate

Quantity: 250g

Region: Santos, Sao Paulo 

Elevation: 800m - 1,200m

Processing: Natural/Dry

Roast Profile: Medium Roast

Body: Medium & Smooth

Acidity: Mild

Farm Information: Our Brazil Santos from Sao Paulo (Municipality in the southeast region of Brazil) is extracted from a wide variety of high qualified and certified farms which collate to form collectives which are processed together.